The Johnnny Nocturne Band
with John Firmin


About the 1999 release, Million Dollar Secret

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About the Band

"...... Hard blowing tenor saxist, John Firmin, has a band that swings as hard as Count Basic's Kansas City Seven, jumps as much as Louis Jordan's Tympany Five, and bops like the great 40's bands of Lionel Hampton ... Kim Nalley is the best band singer, any style, I've heard in years. She's young, sharp and hip-, looks great, enjoys singing and knows all the moves of a knockout performer .... The Nocturne Band continues after all these years to be the créme de la creme of contemporary jump-swing bands."

-Philip Elwood, San Francisco Examiner Music Critic

"...... The Johnny Nocturne Band is fascinating the jazz lovers at the Umbria Jazz Festival in Orvieto .... Kim Nalley has been nominated this festival's star..the public love her. The Johnny Nocturne Band plays a style of swing that allows the listener to absorb the color and atmosphere of the post-war blues ... news of the great, incredible Johnny Nocturne Band has spread fast..."

-1 Corriere delle Umbria, Italy

".... walling and honking back to the jumps swing of Louis Jordan and Count Basle little big band era ......"

-Dan Oulette, Downbeat Magazine

"... jump blues is back with a vengeance, The Johnny Nocturne Band grabs the tiger by the tall and rides..."

-Blue Suede News

"...... Firmin has assembled a crack unit, like none other in the world today, to explore the neglected juncture between jazz and R&B. His daring departure from established fashion that's highly danceable and ultimately delightful ......"

-Lee Hildebrand, East Bay Express

"The Johnny Nocturne Band ... truly tremendous..."

-Dave Clarke, Juke Blues, U.K.

About the 1998 release, "Wild and Cool"

"As tasty as a martini and infectious enough to put Prozac cut of business."

-House Of Blues Online

"In 1989, saxophonist John Firmin formed a group to rekindle the power and grace of the four-horn front-line - a 'little big band' that could swing, bop, jump the blues and serve up a jazz melody as tasty as a martini. Today. Firmin's unit, the Johnny Nocturne Band, has gained acclaim from Monterey to Milan."

-Bill Kisliuk, from his liner notes

"In his choice of musicians who are steeped in jazz and blues, who can read often difficult charts, and who improvise with authority, Firmin has assembled a crack unit, like none other in the world today, to explore the neglected juncture between jazz and R&B."

-Lee Hildebrand, East Bay Express

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